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[su_quote style="modern-light"]Knowing others is wisdom;Knowing the self is enlightenment.Mastering others requires force;Mastering the self requires strength;He who knows he has enough is rich.Perseverance is a sign of will power.He who stays where he is endures.To die but not to perish is to be eternally present.[/su_quote] [su_video [...]

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The Soothing Promise of Our Own Artisanal Internet

Read newsletters instead of News Feeds. Fall back to private group chats. Put the person back in personalization. Buy your own server. Start a blog. Embrace anonymity. Own your own domain. Spend time on federated social networks rather than centralized ones. Source: The of Our Own Internet

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Self is not entirely lost in dementia

In the past when scholars have reflected on the psychological impact of they have frequently referred to the loss of the "self" in dramatic and devastating terms, using language such as the "unbecoming of the self" or the "disintegration" of the self. Source: 'Self is [...]

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The Future of the Mind |

If we have artificial general intelligence, intelligence that’s capable of flexibly connecting ideas across different domains and maybe having something like sensory experience, what I want to know is whether it would be conscious or if it would all just be computing in the dark—engaging [...]

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Scientists Rethink Psychedelics

The irony. The generation who brought psychedelic drugs to the attention of the world, may just be the ones who use them as medicine to treat anxiety and depression or simply to face death. But while researchers around the world are looking at some formerly illicit [...]

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Cypher’s Choice: Painful Reality or Pleasant Delusion?

The care of people with
2019-01-25 13:42:35


Spacetime Emergence, Panpsychism and the Nature of Consciousness

How does experience, which is so intimately tied to our perception of time and space, arise from
2018-08-08 07:01:02


Could Multiple Personality Disorder Explain the Universe

A new paper argues that the condition now known as “Dissociative
2018-06-20 05:07:42


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