Exercise After 50: Changing Routines

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A recent WRY999 Twitter post linking to a MarketWatch article on exercise after 50 received quite a bit of attention.

You can access this MarketWatch article by clicking HERE

I thought I would summarize that article and provide a additiona link for Brain Post readers who may have more interest in the topic.

Here are the key points made by two exercise science experts who were interviewed for the article. After 50 the following issues are relevant.

  1. Fatigue, aches and injuries increase in frequency
  2. Stretching becomes more important--Do it after every workout when muscles are warm
  3. Weight (resistance) training also becomes more important–Need 8 to 12 repetitions per set two or three days per week
  4. Consider adding interval training to aerobic exercise–brief high intensity bursts followed by lower intensity periods may increase fat burning and decrease belly fat
  5. More than one day of rest may be needed between each weight training workout
  6. Easing into workouts with warm up period may reduce injury risk
Additionally, I think it is relevant to think about exercise motivation issues in elderly individuals. A recent study suggested that an exercise routine that could be done at home or close to home is more likely to be completed in elderly individuals. Also, it appears women do better when exercise is paired with an opportunity to socialize making group exercise more effective.
The National Institute on Aging (NIA) is a good source for information on exercise and aging. A key NIA starting point can be accessed by clicking HERE.
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