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The topics of self and consciousness are two of the mysteries that scientists, psychologists, philosophers carry on researching, debating about and proposing various hypotheses. From Plato to the contemporary neuroscience specialists, everyone has considered their responsibility to develop a theory that addresses the issue. However, none of these theories is proven and, most probably, won’t be…

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Can Quantum Physics Explain Consciousness?

The Atlantic – Nov 7, 2016     The mere mention of “quantum consciousness” makes
2016-11-12 11:13:14


Consciousness from Entropy

Just like the Universe, our brains might be programmed to maximise disorder – similar to the principle of
2016-10-24 12:13:49


Consciousness: Where Are Words?

The New York Review of Books – Dec 27, 2017 Words, words, words. With the advent of the stream of c
2018-01-24 10:39:08


Clarity in consciousness theory

2018-01-10 22:03:15


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