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Knowing others is wisdom;Knowing the self is enlightenment.Mastering others requires force;Mastering the self requires strength;He who knows he has enough is rich.Perseverance is a sign of will power.He who stays where he is endures.To die [...]

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J. Krishnamurti

‘Total negation is the essence of the positive. When there is negation of all those things that thought has brought about psychologically, only then is there love, which is compassion and intelligence.’

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Clarity in consciousness theory

2018-01-10 22:03:15


Mind Transfer

Based on what article? Call it mind transfer, uploading, brain backup, whatever—the idea of c
2017-09-11 07:47:20


“Goodbye, Dave” –Scientists Ponder How to Identify Conscious Future AI’s on Earth

The Daily Galaxy (blog) – 9h ago Every moment of your waking life and whenever you dream, you have the
2017-07-22 21:12:05


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